From Country club to Residential house experience, all projects are welcome.

Going beyond the average painting company by far. PPWP is inserting wood hardener into a soft area.

Can you believe these are the same shutters below? They are.

The difference between painting the hinges and not. Classy



White does not look dirty until you start painting sometimes.



Zoom in!   

If you look close you can see a lot of cracking in the substrate in the before pictures.

After repairs were made to the substrate, specialty primers and 3 coats of paint were applied.


An 80 ft boom lift was used on this job, the inside corner with the tree was nearly impossible to reach even fully extended, but that did not stop PPWP.


Covering the 30+ft  dome was not an easy task either. A different level of professionalism is a necessity when working on a mansion for a multi-millionaire or any other larger jobs.



On the other hand, this is just the way PPWP goes about every single job no matter the size or $.

Imagine just any old painting company taking on this project...