Pictures are worth a thousand words, so enough said...

...Ok, so maybe a little here and there.

Soft Suede

These iron vent covers were coated many times to achieve this wood grained effect.


The Customer had this much completed when she called very frustrated that she did not know how to remove the paper fully (especially without damage).


There was also a very bad smell in the room that was taken care of and alcohol primer was used to block any smell left in the plaster before painting



Soft Suede

Bold & Energetic or Calm & Relaxing, whatever you want or need.

This highly decorative mantle was covered in so much paint that you could barely see any of the leaf claws, centerpiece and egg & dart pattern was not visible at all. This was chemical paint stripped 3 times & then..


After neutralization multiple times and drying time it was sanded and Dremmel tooled for almost 30 hrs to regain the detail that was there originally and beyond. Only so many painting companies, especially local ones go this far into the detail & "art" realm.


Most companies will pride themselves on how fast they are in & out of your pocket book... I mean house/property.


PPWP takes a lot of pride being a little more old fashioned about the methods, timing, dry time allowance and quality products used on all jobs. Never in a crazed hurry but always on schedule is the goal. 


The egg & dart plaster ceiling molds to the right were primed, painted & clear coated 12 times for a deep laquered, "thick candy coated" effect.


Of course not everone needs this level of detail & richness, but it is available if this is you.

Marie's toddler room.

Faux paint layers, not wallpaper

Jackson's cool bedroom

MoRe on ThE ArTsy siDe

Below left:

A friend asked for a mural to be done but wanted to have it on canvas instead of the wall, so they could keep it longer. 

Bathroom wallpaper removal & painting is tricky because steam from the shower can activate any left over glue, so there can be none if you want it done right.


PPWP takes extra steps to ensure that all glue is removed and then specialty primers are used before painting.

The customer had started to remove the wall paper and the wall came with it.


PPWP finished removing the paper then repaired the walls, prepped, primed & then painted.


24x4 Sky Mural

Morning, Noon & Night

Faux granite finish with glitter makes an additional custom effect on the 18 ft tall walls in this great room.

Ralph Lauren Candlelight finish

Soft Suede