Can't just anyone pressure wash??


Of course, but just as anything else, the more you do it the better you are at it. Yes, PPWP has a huge amount of experience on many different substrates & situations.

PPWP is the best around at this stuff, period. Instead of me babblingon, how about just looking at the work.

 Paint removal on  a historic  mansion 

PPWP has more experience, period. Don't just hire anyone to pressure wash!

You may regret it.

Deck Cleaning, Stripping & Staining/Sealing

 Log/Cedar Home   Cleaning     Stripping     Sanding 


Brick Cleaning-


Removal of:






Excess Mortar



New construction, using old bricks,     then cleaning them up.

Corporate for a car dealership called PPWP from states away to get service no one else knew how to do.

Hydralic Fluid is known in the pressure washing industry to be one of the hardest things to remove from pavement.


It's all about chemical knowledge in this field, especially here.

Paint stripping the historic Andrew Carnegie Carriage House

Paint Removal