Welcome to the PPWP hidden Gripe Page.

Letting. It. All. Out. 

Best price, highest quality work... doesn't this just sound like a joke? It is.

Do you want the lowest cost painting contractor around?  That would not be here...

High Quality comes at more cost for both client & PPWP.

This explanation is necessary after a few ignorant well off people bragging about all they have, then telling PPWP that they think painting contractors are not supposed to make good money (for risking our lives everyday). Along with other local painters cheating themselves just to spite other companies by charging way under value. They can afford to because they cut corners in many ways.


PPWP currently has the same pricing as it did in 1993...if you have a budget let it be known. 

Pro Pressure Washing & Painting is not for everyone: but how about a fair comparison.




Being wallet tight and wanting an excellent painting company does not add up...

If badgering down cost or looking down on contractors is your game, please leave this site now, as it is not for you.  

We do not want either of our time wasted, there are customers who appreciate what PPWP does for a reason.

There are other local companies who claim to give the same work for less cost...keep on believing that if you desire.


The "cheaper" painters say they are doing just as good of a job. Seriously? 

Do you really believe the less $ bid includes the same care, experience, materials & craftsmanship?

Most local painters do not even measure the project for cost, they guess (like they are so good they do not need to...)


PPWP clients know better & choose smarter than that.



True Example #1: One bid $2100 the other $800???

A simple answer: Competitor also has a full time job + does this on the side scamming as a handyman doing jobs for more than handymen are legally allowed...

and uses cheaper paint (half the cost of PPWP products used).



Well off potential customers claiming too expensive, 

like they have a clue what this kind of thing is really supposed to cost.

The idea sourly conveyed was we can get the same for cheaper.

Ok so, these next two lists are what the lost prospective customers got instead. 



          True Example #2: Another contractor offers price on Cedar home restoration thousands of $ cheaper than PPWP ...

When really comparing estimates this is what was not included or wrong on their lower bid &...

When they got the job, that contractor actually asked PPWP for the proper way to do this!


1. House & decking was not sanded by palm sander after stripping.

2. 40 ft Boom Lift was not brought in for more safety and access to do better work. 

3. No window trim was painted.

4. 2 Less coats of stain applied to entire job.

5. All railing & decking was not stained by hand brush.

6. Windows were not covered before spraying siding (??) So spray got on windows...

7. Proper & necessary other chemicals not used.

8. They were rude & uncaring of working in an HOA.

9. The estimate was done by looking at the house for 5 mins.

10. Workers on site that should not be.

11. No signs on vehicles, showing they were a legal contractor. 



Results?:   A YEAR later neighbors are talking about how blotchy the stain job looks on the house, the deck flooring looks beat already and a fence that looked terrible from the start.


...Cheaper was cheaper, but not cheaper in the long run (or short run in this case...).






Need one more?  True example #3

Circus music should be playing while these guys work...

The worst log home restoration work ever. Of course they are cheaper, they have no clue.


White truck, no name (See this all the time...who knows if it's legal companies or not, they never have signs or license # showing & how do all these guys get away with this).


They show up on a Fri to begin log home restoration., then work 6 hrs of half correct effort & totally wrong chemicals... 

Then they do not show to continue pressure washing the home until the NEXT Fri

(a week later) to continue, still having no clue about what they are doing prep wise.


Not so alert on conserving water during one of California's harshest droughts...

Which one is worse?  The customers allowing or the company doing it.

After all the waste they never prepped the logs correctly before staining.


Customer wanted a blonde look to the logs and they did not get that. They got dark.

It actually looks darker than before starting (not on purpose).


They sprayed the stain on the days with most wind. Neighbors love that...

Along with the all-time classic bad painter blunder, a little painting in the rain.


All while wearing brand new painters clothes. One guy ok, all of them though?


Canvas laid on the front side of the roof for 5 days for one dormer...


Equipment piled up like a messy kids toy room in front of house.

(PPWP uses a box trailer & keeps the work site neat, quiet and equipment discreet)


Old stain was not completely removed=The problem is that it will break down

before the newer stain which is over top of the old stain. Does that sound right to you?

All old stain should be removed on these jobs , deep into the pores.


House is multiple shades...

When the prep work is not done correct it makes the stain turn dark.

When done correctly the true stain color shows through (even light golden colors)


No sanding. ? (whole house sanding is a must on these jobs!)


Cars were not removed from garage before spraying stain around that area.


The trim was painted the same exact color as the Log home freshly done 2 doors up.

Taste is something you have, or do not...


Dropped The "F" bomb constantly while working.


Showed up at 6:45am to sit around in the truck talking for 20 min to an hour and a half.



Way to go guys! It's these kinds of painters that would laugh and make fun of a whinny page like this one, but it's because they do not get that these are the things that matter, when calling yourself a "professional painter".






                           Why not question why that other bid is so much less?                        

Bids from family, friends, lying handymen doing jobs over $500 (illegal & oh so ridiculously common around here) and licensed joke companies cutting corners on materials, # of coats applied, no company signs or license #'s on vehicles, sloppy work, experimenting or not truly having a clue about the work on your project etc...

These things and more without you ever knowing.


Why would you feel right comparing PPWP to them and cheating yourself on the basis of how much money is spent alone? Would you do that with your car or any other purchase?

Of course not...



Contractors with no signs on vehicles or no current CSLB license & the very humerous CA clause called the "handyman" (or as PPWP calls it the handyscam) not included in offer below.

No signs on a vehicle are a sign of a company cutting corners, do you think that does not transfer to the work?


Get bids from any other 2-3 local companies that are any of the following (PPWP IS ALL OF THEM):  

Angies List A rated, CA Licensed for painting or pressure washing, EPA certified firm or

30+ years of experience (handymen excluded).



Show Pro Pressure Washing & Painting your other bids and let's talk up a deal.

No PPWP quotes will be given without your other painting co.  bids in hand already.